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David M. Kidd



David M. Kidd was one of the most controversial personalities to ever roam the southwest plains. Whether he was drinking beer with camels to raise money for handicapped children or playing his guitar on a public rooftop in scorching heat (refusing to come down until electric fans were donated to the Salvation Army for distribution to the needy), his music and his beliefs started as ripples that always ended up as waves of interest, curiosity, and excitement.

When they said it couldn't be done without large amounts of money, Kidd founded the SouthWest SongWriters Association, also known as SWSWA. The SWSWA in its prime was a grassroots operation that provided free music/songwriting workshops and affordable (sometimes free of charge) recording studios to the music community. His love for people, good stories, and adventure made him a colorful character to watch, listen to, and maybe even beware of. (He would steal your heart!)

Kidd died after a battle with cancer on July 28, 2009. Many people in the music community were deeply saddened by the loss. It was Kidd’s last wish to keep the SWSWA alive so that local music and artists would always have a voice.

The SWSWA is currently in a state of rebuilding. If you or your group have a passion for local music and preserving songwriting and are interested in helping perpetuate the movement to keep original music going in the southwest, please send an email to the following address: David M. Kidd devoted his life’s work to the cause and wanted nothing more than to keep local, original music alive!








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